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Bamboo Blue  

Keep Our Oceans Blue

Our Mission

We design and make bamboo products to help you use less plastic 

and reduce our oceans' plastic pollution conveniently.

What We Do

For centuries, in many parts of the world, Bamboo has been a natural material that has been used harmoniously with the environment for a variety of purposes by our ancestors, from building materials and kitchen utensils to musical instruments and even bamboo papers. 

However, after industrial evolutions, bamboo has been gradually forgotten with the advent of plastic and other synthetic materials, that are now endangering our planet recklessly.

At Bamboo Blue, we want to change that, sincerely, we want to bring bamboo back to our lives in a modern way through sustainable and design-oriented products that will make our life better while being better for the environment.

Our Story 

Our story began in Sydney, Australia, in 2021 with one clear goal to replace plastic products with bamboo alternatives to reduce ocean pollution.

In the last 12 months, we have been working hard to design and develop our first product, an electric toothbrush replacement head made with bamboo components, that uses approx. 80% less plastic than conventional replacement heads.

Our first product launch is scheduled for October 2022.

Sad Facts and What You Can Do 

Every year, over 1 billion plastic toothbrush are thrown away and end up in landfills or oceans, which will take over hundreds of years to decompose, inorganically. In the next decade, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight.

Imagine the change we can make by just switching to bamboo toothbrushes! 

The Founder 

Bamboo Blue is founded by Jin and his wife Emily, a couple living in Sydney, Australia, who loves their local beaches and wants a cleaner planet and a better future for their children. 

Join In Our Exclusive 

Product Launch 

We Do Things Different

Making conscious business decisions concerning the environment

We make the right decisions for the environment in the entire supply chain. Our suppliers are carefully selected and inspected by third-party companies to ensure that our products and production processes are environmentally friendly and meet international standards, and all of our product packaging is made with sustainable materials with no plastic.

Deliver what we committed to deliver and back it by Warranty

Our products are among the finest on the market, but for any reasons you do not like them or do not find them useful, simply let us know, and we will refund your money 100% within 30 days after receiving your item with no product return is required.

Donate 1% of our sales revenue to charitable causes

We partner with different non-profit organizations and donate 1% of our sales revenue to these causes, so you know that not only your purchases will reduce the plastic pollutions in our oceans, but also your money will also help the communities and marine lives that are impacted the most. 

Our donations will be audited by a third party after the end of each financial year, being the 30th of June in Australia.